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  • We stayed in app #78 and it was the most exciting stay in Paris we every had. Nothing like having a dinner in a classic and spacious dinning room, having the Tour Eiffel on your balcony :) As for the agency, I was very happy with the services. Helen definitely outdid herself! She was very helpful, never said no and helped to extend our location for one more week. I am recommending this agency to all my business partners and friends. Thank you for unforgettable stay!

  • Thanks for everything! Had a great time in Paris with your help!

  • We Recently stayed for a Month in appartment 366, Near Notre Dame. It was an amazing experience. The location of the appartment is wonderful!

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The initial thing that clicks to your own mind if you determine visit Paris is the lodging arrangements. Together with the high costs the hotels are not cheap enough to be staying in Paris. You want something which ensembles to your financial plan and with that you may get all of the happiness of sightseeing. For this that too in your budget and the better alternative is the firm the apartments in Paris which are arranged by the business. Finding it the most suitable option after you are able to remain with easiness. Various other conveniences are assembled by the business to get you relish your vacation completest. The things that are necessary are found at the flats like totally equipped kitchen, bathroom, internet connection, laundry facility, phone connection etc.
Broad - It is the want of each man travelling to Paris for whatever goal to have a broad flat. Such a flat offers you a feel in the home as well as a sort of peace to relish your stay there.
Whether you want short-term or long-term apartments in Paris for rent, our companyapartments is keenly dedicated to provide you top quality Paris flat. We specialize in offering acceptable cost self catering accommodation in the heart of Paris. These apartments offer superior lodging and convenient places for sightseeing and enjoying all of the attractions the city offers.
If you are going to Paris for the first time and desire a luxury flat for rent although not familiar with the country afterward be sure to contact a broker who is able to easily provide you with places of the booking/cancellation procedure, Paris apartments, and much more. There are many sites available now that contain critical information about different rentals including Paris apartments and act such as an address book.